Jason Tyler Aims to Take MIS to New Levels

Jason Tyler Aims to Take MIS to New Levels

By John Wells

Jason Tyler has an exciting opportunity ahead of him at Madison International Speedway…and a lot of long days and hard work. 

He was recently hired as the business / marketing manager of the speedway located just east of Oregon, Wisconsin.  He brings a diverse background to the racetrack including being a former racer in several different divisions.

 “Jason Tyler is going to be very visible at and around MIS,” said General Manager Dave Grueneberg.  “We are all very excited to have someone with Jason’s background working on sales, marketing, and promotions.  People are definitely going to know who he is and what MIS is all about.”

 “I am hard working, up front, and honest with people.  I am very much a family man and very loyal.  I want everyone to be able to have an amazing time at MIS.  I also want our partners and sponsors, teams and fans, to feel that they can talk to me about anything.  My primary objective is that everyone who comes to MIS has a great experience,” said Tyler in a recent interview.

Through a combination of both short and long term goals, Tyler has a vision for the speedway which has been located in the Town of Rutland since the early 1950’s. “My goals are to make sure everyone knows that MIS is not for sale and that we have a very exciting season and schedule in place. I am getting in touch with all of our current and future partners and sponsors to let them know I have an open door policy. I want everyone to be a part of all the excitement that MIS is going to feature this season and in the future. We are going to provide everyone with a ton of fun for every single event. We want every family out there to know that we’re not just a race track, and that we have a lot of other things going on. When you come to MIS you’re going to leave saying you had an awesome time and want to come back next week with all your family and friends,” added Tyler.

In order to accomplish his goals, Tyler knows that things are going to have be different and that the status quo isn’t acceptable.  He outlined the most obvious change fans and teams will notice.  “We have decided to go to three divisions this year. We want our fans to have the best racing and most excitement and yet still be able to get home at a decent time so that they can enjoy their weekends with their families.”

 “We have made some very exciting changes to our racing format that I feel will make it hard for fans to stay sitting down in their seats. I can promise fans that their experience at MIS not only this year but for years to come will not be the same old racing that you’re used to seeing. We are bringing back the Super Late Models for six shows and are working on bringing in an FM frequency so fans can hear our announcers better. We are going to be working with our kids’ club sponsor to make it bigger and better because to me it is all about the children and family. We are going to have an awesome souvenir stand that might be hard to stay away from and great food that everyone will love. Also I really am working to get our fans more involved with our teams and drivers. Like any sport you need to have someone to cheer for, and I want people to feel like they’re a part of the teams.”  Tyler summed his plans up very simply by saying, “If it was not for our fans and partnerships we would not be here!!!”

Tyler also plans to work closely with the race teams.  This is where his background as a racer will truly benefit the teams. “I want all of the drivers and the race teams to know that they are more than welcome to contact me at anytime. If they need any help with marketing or any concerns that need to be addressed they should feel they have someone who cares and I do. I want not only our teams but all race teams nationwide to know MIS is out to make this sport the best and most exciting thing to do on Friday night. We will be treating everyone the same and upholding our end to make sure this happens.” 

But his vision doesn’t end there. “We want to get our teams and their sponsors more up close and personal with our fans. We will be doing driver intros and meet and greets.  We need to bring the drivers closer to the fans. I also hope in the future to be giving pit tours so that fans can see what its like when our teams are in action. We also have everything in place to get our racing program finished at an earlier time so that our fans can go down into the pits and visit with our teams and drivers. We also want to have team merchandise in our souvenir stand so that they can support them and help build a fan base not only for the individual teams but for MIS.”

Retaining current sponsors, reaching out to former sponsors, and attracting new marketing partners is one of Tyler’s primary focuses during the off-season.  “It’s no secret that this is the area where we need to improve.  We need to be responsive to the needs of our marketing partners and all of us understand the size of this challenge and are very confident that Jason can get the job done,” noted Grueneberg.

Tyler would be the first to agree with Grueneberg’s challenge. “We have the most brand loyal fans of any sport out there! We have very affordable marketing partnerships and we want our partners to be very involved in the racing program. We provide the best entertainment and fun for their investment. We offer a wide range of different ways to be involved so whether you’re just wanting to get your foot in the door to see how much fun it is or if you want to be a major sponsor we build your involvement around what works best for you and your business.”

 “Our goal is to have a lot of repeat sponsorship because we have worked closely with them to make sure it is not only fun for them but also is a great return on their investment and fun for their employees. We offer hospitality packages so that it is affordable for businesses to treat their employees to an evening of fun and I can promise they will be coming in to work on Monday saying what a great time they had, and  they will be looking forward to their next trip to MIS.”

So what would a great season for MIS look like in the eyes of Tyler. “ A great year for me at MIS would be to see the level of excitement of our fans, teams, and partners increase greatly. I love racing and what I do so to me the most important thing is that everyone involved feels the same way! I want everyone who comes to MIS to walk away saying their experience was awesome. I want the fans and teams to know that by coming to MIS on Friday night that they had the most possible fun for their dollar!!! To me when all those involved are having a great time then that means I am having a great time and doing a good job!! If you have been to MIS in years in the past or if you have never been, please stop by and see us on Friday nights. I can promise you that you will have a great time. Otherwise ask for me and I will make sure you do!!!”

These are definitely ambitious plans for the upcoming season.  One thing you can count on for sure is that Jason Tyler is going to do everything he can to make this all come to fruition.

Jason can be reached at 608.513.9709 or via email at jasontyler@mis-racing.com.

The 2012 racing season at Madison International Speedway will begin on Sunday, May 6th with the ASA Midwest Tour Joe Shear Classic.

For more information about Madison International Speedway check out the track website at mis-racing.com or madisoninternationalspeedway.com.