Madison Int’l Speedway Divisions

Super Late Models: Taking to ‘Wisconsin’s Fastest Half Mile’ during the ARCA Midwest Tour Joe Shear Classic in May as well as the Super Late Model Triple Crown in June, July and August, this class is the highest powered stock car you will see this summer at Madison International Speedway. Based on the popular ARCA Midwest Tour rule platform, teams from around the region will converge onto the high banks. Technologically advanced components, ultra adhesive tires and determined drivers have been providing memorable battles in these cars for over forty years at Oregon. This class typically sees 525 horsepower engines on the 10″ Hoosier 3035 and 3045 tire compound, with fabricated chassis, total weight is in the 2725 pound vicinity. Engine combinations vary, but include the ACE (Aluminum Concept Engine) which features aluminum heads, the 6.0 and 6.2 liter LS motors as well as the cast iron 9.5 to 1 compression ratio 362 cubic inch builds.

NASCAR Late Models: The Weekly Warriors of the NASCAR Late Models make up our premier weekly division as they compete for Wisconsin and National NASCAR fame and honors. A multitude of Champions and challengers call MIS home and continuously find themselves in the middle of the excitement under the lights on Friday nights. This class typically sees 450-475 horsepower engines on the 8″ Hoosier D-800 compound tire with fabricated chassis, total weight is in the 2825 pound vicinity. The 10.8 to 1 compression cast iron production engine platform is the basis of the class, with a maximum cubic inch allowance of 362. Newer technology including the 5.3 liter LS motor and General Motors ‘604’ crate have become popular combinations as well, with all three engine platforms collecting feature wins at MIS in 2018.

MISfitz: A new class at Madison International Speedway for the 2019 season has many in the short track auto racing industry keeping an eye on ‘Wisconsin’s Fastest Half Mile’. Allowing a vast array of mid-level racing machines to compete under one class, the MISfitz expects to see many of the former Sportsman division regulars joined by Mid-American Stock Cars, Midwest Trucks, Modifieds, 602 Late Models and even some purpose built MISfitz racers. The concept is fairly simple, run what you wish, just don’t go faster than 20 seconds per lap. Teams can utilize any treaded Hoosier tire which mounts on an 8″ wheel, if you have a stock stub chassis you can run any V-8 engine you wish, if you have a fabricated chassis you must utilize the GM 602 Crate engine, limited shocks, unlimited carb options and no spoiler restrictions should make this a fun class to watch on Friday nights.

Bandits: The ‘Ring of Fire’ comes to life on Friday nights when the Bandits take to the quarter mile track located within MIS. These four cylinder machines are ultra competitive, with the front wheel drive cars lifting their back tires off the racing surface as they speed through the corners. A wide variety of car name plates make up the field each race night with domestic and foreign name plates, many models which you still see on the roads today. A wide variety of stock production engines ranging from 1.8 to 2.5 liters can be found under the hoods of these stock production frames. With limited ‘for racing’ changes allowed, coupled with DOT tires, the Bandits provide plenty of excitement.

6shooters: This is the Entry Level division at Madison International Speedway. In order to keep the ‘novice’ feel, any driver that has 3 or more feature wins in a single season is unable to compete in future 6shooter events. Based on 2002 and older, stock production, front wheel drive V-6 sedans, this is a throwback class that essentially allows one to remove the glass, chain the doors, acquire safety equipment and hit the quarter mile oval. With domestic vehicles being the only cars allowed, Chevrolets, Fords, Pontiacs, Dodges and Oldsmobiles fill the track as drivers transition from watching in the grandstands to getting their first taste of racing competition. Completely stock engines with a maximum of 3.8 liters sets the tone as few modifications are allowed at all, even the DOT tires are required to be older. A $450 Claim Rule allows the track to purchase a complete running car at any time, helping to keep the cost down and the level of FUN high.

Bandoleros: The Bandolero Car is a turnkey, spec-series racecar designed for drivers as young as eight years old. Serving as a stepping stone between go-karts and stock cars, the simple to use formula of brake is on the left and gas is on the right that you hear when you are karting in the Dells, translates here as well. A Briggs & Stratton 570cc Vanguard rear mounted engine is capable of producing nearly 30 horse power in these 550 pound cars. With a fully fabricated chassis, coil over shocks and racing tires, the Bandolero is a great way to get America’s youth involved in Short Track Auto Racing. While they only race at MIS three times, a substantial amount of area tracks have accepted the Bandoleros as well, visit Home for more information.