Casey Johnson Wins Dick Trickle Memorial

Casey Johnson Wins Dick Trickle Memorial at MIS

Ace and Moyer Also Take Home Victories

By John Wells

Casey Johnson took the lead on lap 43 and held off Nick Murgic in the final laps to win the Super Late Model Triple Crown Challenge Dick Trickle Memorial 99 at Madison International Speedway.  Chester Ace was the winner in the Midwest Trucks while Aaron Moyer won the Pellitteri Waste Systems main event.

Johnson Victorious in Triple Crown Challenge Race #1

Casey Johnson won his first-ever super late model feature at Madison International Speedway by topping a field of 25 cars in the Dick Trickle Memorial 99.

Jeff Storm and Gary Lamonte paced the twenty-five car to the start of the Dick Trickle Memorial 99 with Lamonte vaulting to the lead before an incident between several cars on lap two brought out the caution flag. Only the car of Kevin Eggert headed to the pits with the others involved able to continue.

On the restart Lamonte chose to start on the outside of the front row and the move was a good one as he pulled ahead of Storm for the lead only to see the caution flag come out on lap later for a spin in turn four.

Lamonte continued to lead after the restart with Storm second while Nick Murgic and Dan Lensing were side by side for third with Jamie Wallace fifth.  The third caution of the race occurred on lap 6 when the car of Bobby Wilberg lost power in turn four putting an early end to the multi-time track champion’s day.

Lamonte and Storm raced side by side for a couple of laps before another caution flag came out on lap 8 when Kelsey Bauer’s car was involved in an incident in turn two suffering damage to the front end. Bauer headed to the pits, attempted to come back, but was forced to call it a day.

Again it was Lamonte and Storm racing side by side with Storm gaining the advantage with Murgic third followed by Wallace and Casey Johnson.  On lap 10 Johnson worked his way around Wallace for the fourth spot.  Just ahead of Johnson, Murgic was making his way to the inside of Lamonte eventually taking second on lap 12.  Johnson was able to take third from Lamonte on lap 16 while Matt Kocourek was up to join the mix in fifth as the top five started to distance themselves from the rest of the field.

Storm continued to pace the field as the race stayed green for an extended period of time.  His lead was eight car lengths when the caution came out on lap 42 when Mikie Breiner’s car spun on the backstretch.  Unfortunately, Storm needed to go into the pits due to mechanical issues moving Murgic up to the lead.

Murgic chose the inside for the restart with Johnson electing to start on the outside with Kocourek and Lamonte in the second row.  Johnson raced side by side with Murgic for two laps before Johnson took the top spot for good on lap 46.  He wasted no time putting some ground between himself and Murgic and had a ten car length lead by lap 54.  The car on the move behind Johnson was Kocourek who moved up into second on lap 55 when he passed Murgic and started to dial in the leader.

Johnson was able to hold off Kocourek and had a six car length lead before the competition yellow came out on lap 73 for a ten minute break and setting up a 24 lap shootout.  Rounding out the top five were Murgic, Lamonte, and Austin Luedtke.

When the cone was placed on the track for the restart, Johnson elected to start on the inside while Kocourek willingly accepted the opportunity to start on the outside.  Murgic and Lamonte lined up in row two with Luedtke and Rich Bickle Jr. comprising row three.

Johnson grabbed the lead when the race went green with Murgic and Kocourek doing battle for second.  The leader built up a six car length lead followed by Kocourek, Murgic, Lamonte, and Blake Brown.

Kocourek was able to distance himself from Murgic but was still five car lengths behind Johnson with 15 laps to go. Three laps to go the lead was down to 2.5 car lengths but Johnson was able to build his lead back to four lengths with nine to go.  But Kocourek was not about to give up as he cut the lead to two car lengths with six laps to go when the caution flag came out when Thor Anderson spun coming out of turn two.

Would this be the last restart with five laps to go?  Johnson chose the inside, Kocourek the outside with Murgic and Lamonte in the second row.  Would it be a five lap shootout?

Kocourek would give it his best shot to take the lead and things looked pretty good as he found his way to the inside of Johnson but was unable to get the lead.  While coming out of turn two with four laps to go, Kocourek lost power when the ignition turned off forcing the caution flag to come out.

One more restart?

Johnson would continue to restart on the inside with Murgic lining up on the outside in row one followed by Lamonte and Bickle Jr. in the second row.

When the race went green, Johnson would keep his lead but Murgic was going to have something to say about it.  With two to go Murgic worked his way to the inside but was unable to get by the leader.

Murgic gave it another shot on the final lap but was unable to get it done as Johnson held on for the win.  Bickle Jr. finished third followed by Lamonte and Rick Corso.

“I did my best to give it away at the end, but this was just a great car today.  The car was exactly where it needed to be, but the driver might have been a little shaky at the end,” said Johnson with a smile in victory lane.

“I am happy to finish this one out here today,” said runner-up Nick Murgic in a post race interview.  “This is a good start here for us.”

Gary Lamonte was the winner in the first twelve lap Triple Crown Dash.  Bickle Jr. and Thor Anderson started out front with Bickle Jr. quickly pulling away from Anderson to take the lead.  Gary Lamonte took over second on lap 7 and began to hunt down the leader.  On lap 10 Lamonte found room on the inside of Bickle Jr. coming out of turn two to take the lead and hold on the rest of the way to pick up the victory.  Bickle  Jr. finished second followed by Anderson, Blake Brown, and Kevin Eggert.

Despite starting eighth in an eight car field, Jeff Storm took the checkered flag in the second twelve lap Triple Crown Dash.  Dan Lensing jumped to the early lead in the second twelve lap Super Late Model Dash.  Bobby Kendall moved past Kelsey Bauer for second on the first lap but relinquished the spot one lap later to Bobby Wilberg.  Storm was up to third on lap 5 after patiently working his way up through the field.  But out front it was Wilberg working his way to the inside of Lensing to take the lead on lap 6.  The caution flag came out on lap 8 when Kendall’s car lost power on the backstretch.  On the restart Storm moved up to the outside of Lensing and the move paid off as he was able to take the lead coming out of turn two.  Storm led the rest of the way to pick up the win followed by Lensing, Nick Murgic, Jamie Wallace, and Wilberg.

Nathan Matz and Frank Nitzke led the field to the green flag in the twelve lap Triple Crown Super Late Model qualifying race.  Nitzke took the lead from the start with Landry Potter up to second ahead of Matz.  On lap 6 Nitzke drifted up the track coming out of turn three opening up the door for Potter who slid by on the low side to take the lead.  Potter quickly built a six car length lead over the field and never looked back on his journey to take home the win.  Nitzke finished second followed by Matz, Steve Rubeck, and Jeremy Spoonmore.

Jeff Storm was the fast qualifier with a lap of 17.614 followed by Austin Luedtke (17.621), Nick Murgic (17.643), Casey Johnson (17.652), and Bobby Wilberg (17.668).

Feature:1. Casey Johnson (Stoughton, WI), 2. Nick Murgic (Rosemount, MN), 3. Rich Bickle (Janesville, WI), 4. Gary LaMonte (West Allis, WI), 5. Rick Corso (McHenry, IL), 6. Blake Brown (Franksville, WI), 7. Jamie Wallace (Pell Lake, WI), 8. Matt Kocourek (Franklin, WI), 9. Jeremy Spoonmore (Somonauk, IL), 10. Bobby Kendall (Montello, WI), 11. Frank Nitzke (Berlin, WI), 12. Tim Lampman (Oak Creek, WI), 13. Austin Luedtke (Adell, WI), 14. Landry Potter (Genoa City, WI), 15. Mikie Breiner (Johnsburg, IL), 16. Thor Anderson (Bondurant, IA), 17. Dan Lensing (Roscoe, IL), 18. Jeff Storm (East Troy, WI), 19. Robert Maynor (Hartland, WI), 20. Nathan Matz (Burlington, WI), 21. Steve Rubeck (Monroe Center, IL), 22. Jeff Way (Honey Creek, WI), 23. Kelsey Bauer (Random Lake, WI), 24. Bobby Wilberg (Beloit, WI), 25. Kevin Eggert (Appleton, WI), 26. Jimmy Dragich (Germantown, WI)- DNS

SLM Qualifying Race 1. Landry Potter (Genoa City, WI), 2. Frank Nitzke (Berlin, WI), 3. Nathan Matz (Burlington, WI), 4. Steve Rubeck (Monroe Center, IL), 5. Jeremy Spoonmore (Somonauk, IL), 6. Mikie Breiner (Johnsburg, IL), 7. Jeff Way (Honey Creek, WI), 8. Tim Lampman (Oak Creek, WI), 9. Robert Maynor (Hartland, WI),

SLM Dash 1  1. Gary LaMonte (West Allis, WI), 2. Rich Bickle (Janesville, WI), 3. Thor Anderson (Bondurant, IA), 4. Blake Brown (Franksville, WI), 5. Kevin Eggert (Appleton, WI), 6. Austin Luedtke (Adell, WI), 7. Casey Johnson (Stoughton, WI), 8. Matt Kocourek (Franklin, WI),

SLM Dash 2  :1. Jeff Storm (East Troy, WI), 2. Dan Lensing (Roscoe, IL), 3. Nick Murgic (Rosemount, MN), 4. Jamie Wallace (Pell Lake, WI), 5. Bobby Wilberg (Beloit, WI), 6. Kelsey Bauer (Random Lake, WI), 7. Bobby Kendall (Montello, WI), 8. Rick Corso (McHenry, IL),

Qualifying: 1. Jeff Storm (East Troy, WI), 2. Austin Luedtke (Adell, WI), 3. Nick Murgic (Rosemount, MN), 4. Casey Johnson (Stoughton, WI), 5. Bobby Wilberg (Beloit, WI), 6. Gary LaMonte (West Allis, WI), 7. Jamie Wallace (Pell Lake, WI), 8. Matt Kocourek (Franklin, WI), 9. Bobby Kendall (Montello, WI), 10. Blake Brown (Franksville, WI), 11. Rick Corso (McHenry, IL), 12. Kevin Eggert (Appleton, WI), 13. Dan Lensing (Roscoe, IL), 14. Rich Bickle (Janesville, WI), 15. Kelsey Bauer (Random Lake, WI), 16. Thor Anderson (Bondurant, IA), 17. Landry Potter (Genoa City, WI), 18. Tim Lampman (Oak Creek, WI), 19. Frank Nitzke (Berlin, WI), 20. Nathan Matz (Burlington, WI), 21. Steve Rubeck (Monroe Center, IL), 22. Jeremy Spoonmore (Somonauk, IL), 23. Jeff Way (Honey Creek, WI), 24. Mikie Breiner (Johnsburg, IL), 25. Robert Maynor (Hartland, WI), 26. Jimmy Dragich (Germantown, WI),-DNS

Chester Ace Wins Midwest Truck Feature

In only his second time behind the wheel of a truck, Chester Ace picked up the win in the 25 lap Midwest Trucks feature.

Andy Jones and John Wood led the field of ten Midwest Trucks to the green flag.  Wood took the lead going down the back shoot on the first lap with Chester Ace up to second on the outside of Jones.  Fast qualifier Chad Knaus took over third from Jones on lap 3 as the top three started to check away from the field.  On lap 6 Ace dropped to the low side going into turn one but would not have the room necessary to take the lead.  Meanwhile, Knaus pulled alongside Ace to take second on lap 8 and started to close the gap on Wood.  On lap 8 Wood and Knaus got a little too close for comfort with the result being Knaus sailing into the infield and bringing out the caution flag.  For both drivers it also meant a trip to the rear of the field for their involvement.

As a result, Ace inherited the lead followed by Jones, Chad Wood, Camden Murphy, and Jerry Wood.  Jones, who chose to start on the outside, was able to get by Ace for the lead.  But Ace fought back and on lap 10 was down on the inside of Jones fighting for the lead while Chad Wood patiently waited in third.  Ace and Jones raced side by side before Ace took back the top spot.  Jones couldn’t hold off Wood in the battle for second while Ace built a six truck length lead out front.  The last thing Ace wanted to see was the caution flag come out and it didn’t as he cruised his way to victory.  Jerry Wood finished second followed by Chad Wood, Jones, and Murphy.

“This is amazing,” said Ace from victory lane who was joined by car owner Mike Carmichael. “After my first experience in a truck this is pretty nice.”

Camden Murphy took the lead on lap 4 of the first Midwest Trucks eight lap heat event and held off Chad Wood to pick up the win.  Jerry Wood outdistanced Chester Ace and John Wood to win the second heat race.

Chad Knaus set fast time for the Midwest Trucks with a lap of 18.743 followed by Chad Wood (18.836), Chester Ace (18.896), Camden Murphy (18.900), and John Wood (19.022).

25 Lap Feature:1. Chester Ace (Oregon, WI), 2. Jerry Wood (Madison, WI), 3. Chad Wood (Madison, WI), 4. Andy Jones (Gurnee, IL), 5. Camden Murphy (Itasca, IL), 6. Chad Knaus (Sun Prairie, WI), 7. John Wood (Sun Prairie, WI), 8. Jacob Van Wazer (Lombard, IL), 9. Jerry Suderland (Muskego, WI), 10. Natalie Decker (Eagle River, WI),

Heat 1:1. Camden Murphy (Itasca, IL), 2. Chad Wood (Madison, WI), 3. Jacob Van Wazer (Lombard, IL), 4. Andy Jones (Gurnee, IL), 5. Jerry Suderland (Muskego, WI),

Heat 2:1. Jerry Wood (Madison, WI), 2. Chester Ace (Oregon, WI), 3. John Wood (Sun Prairie, WI), 4. Chad Knaus (Sun Prairie, WI), 5. Natalie Decker (Eagle River, WI),

Qualifying:1. Chad Knaus (Sun Prairie, WI), 2. Chad Wood (Madison, WI), 3. Chester Ace (Oregon, WI), 4. Camden Murphy (Itasca, IL), 5. John Wood (Sun Prairie, WI), 6. Andy Jones (Gurnee, IL), 7. Jerry Wood (Madison, WI), 8. Jacob Van Wazer (Lombard, IL), 9. Natalie Decker (Eagle River, WI), 10. Jerry Suderland (Muskego, WI),

Moyer Holds Off Talaska for Legends Victory

Aaron Moyer held off Cory Talaska to pick up the win in the 25 lap feature for the Pellitteri Waste Systems Legends.

Matt O’Leary and Tim Narr led the field to the green flag.  O’Leary took the top spot before a front lap spin involving Chris Lishamer and Johnny Kringas brought out the caution on lap 2.

O’Leary led after the restart but not for long as Tommy Jones worked his way down to the inside of the leader on lap 4 to take the lead.  Andy Jones moved up to third followed by Moyer and Cory Talaska.  On lap 7 Moyer took third from Jones thanks to a nifty inside pass coming out of turn four.  Moyer took the lead on lap 12 coming out of turn two right before the caution flag came out when Kringas made heavy contact with the inside wall going into turn one.

Tommy Jones and Moyer lined up side by side on the restart, but it was Talaska who took the lead coming out of turn four when he passed both Jones and Moyer.  Talaska and Moyer opened up an eight car lead over the rest of the field and raced side by side until the caution came out on lap 14 when the car of Shelby Berlin slowed to a stop in turn four.

The side by side restart found Talaska on the inside and Moyer on the outside followed by the Jones brothers in row two.  It was a great restart for Talaska who jumped out to a sizeable lead followed by Moyer, Andy and Tommy Jones.

Moyer wasn’t about to let Talaska get away as he worked his way to the inside on lap 21 as the two ran side by side. On lap 22 Moyer took the lead and held off Talaska the rest of the way to pick up the win.

“Cory and I have raced together a long time in snowmobiles and cars and there’s not a guy I am more comfortable racing with them him,” said Moyer from victory lane.

Bryce Bailey won the first eight lap heat for the Legends. Jeff Lechnir took the early lead with Cullen Camasta and Bailey in pursuit.  On lap 3, Bailey took over second from Camasta and grabbed the lead one lap later coming out of turn four.  On lap six Matt O’Leary was up to challenge Bailey for the top spot and motored by on the front stretch to take the win and the victory.

Tommy Jones returned to MIS and picked up the win in the second eight lap heat race for the Legends.Tim Narr and Jones raced side by side for the first two laps before Jones to control from the inside.  Kevin Griffin and Chris Lishamer were quick to follow Jones as they moved up to second and third respectively.  Lishamer took over the second position on lap 6 with Cory Talaska close behind.  But neither would be able to catch Jones who picked up the victory.

In Pellitteri Waste Systems Legends qualifying Cory Talaska was fastest with a lap of 14.046 followed by Aaron Moyer (14.054), Andy Jones (14.172), Chris Lishamer (14.213), and Kevin Griffin (14.283).

25 Lap Feature:1. Aaron Moyer (Malone, WI), 2. Cory Talaska (Campbellsport, WI), 3. Andy Jones (Gurnee, IL), 4. Tommy Jones (Gurnee, IL), 5. Matt OLeary (Dyer, IN), 6. Kevin Griffin (Green Oaks, IL), 7. Bryce Bailey (Cedar Rapids, IA), 8. Chris Lishamer (Elgin, IL), 9. Todd Schmitz (Verona, WI), 10. Cullen Camasta (Joliet, IL), 11. Austin Kunert (Batavia, IL), 12. Tim Narr (Raymond, WI), 13. Jeff Lechnir (Oshkosh, WI), 14. Kyle Vergata (New Berlin, WI), 15. Matt Berlin (Mequon, WI), 16. Shelby Berlin (Mequon, WI), 17. Johnny Kringas (Homer Glen, IL), 18. Jordan Wendt (Stoughton, WI),

Heat 1:1. Matt OLeary (Dyer, IN), 2. Bryce Bailey (Cedar Rapids, IA), 3. Jeff Lechnir (Oshkosh, WI), 4. Cullen Camasta (Joliet, IL), 5. Austin Kunert (Batavia, IL), 6. Kyle Vergata (New Berlin, WI), 7. Shelby Berlin (Mequon, WI), 8. Matt Berlin (Mequon, WI), 9. Jordan Wendt (Stoughton, WI),

Heat 2:1. Tommy Jones (Gurnee, IL), 2. Chris Lishamer (Elgin, IL), 3. Cory Talaska (Campbellsport, WI), 4. Aaron Moyer (Malone, WI), 5. Andy Jones (Gurnee, IL), 6. Kevin Griffin (Green Oaks, IL), 7. Todd Schmitz (Verona, WI), 8. Tim Narr (Raymond, WI), 9. Johnny Kringas (Homer Glen, IL),

Qualifying:1. Cory Talaska (Campbellsport, WI), 2. Aaron Moyer (Malone, WI), 3. Andy Jones (Gurnee, IL), 4. Chris Lishamer (Elgin, IL), 5. Kevin Griffin (Green Oaks, IL), 6. Johnny Kringas (Homer Glen, IL), 7. Tommy Jones (Gurnee, IL), 8. Todd Schmitz (Verona, WI), 9. Tim Narr (Raymond, WI), 10. Matt OLeary (Dyer, IN), 11. Austin Kunert (Batavia, IL), 12. Kyle Vergata (New Berlin, WI), 13. Bryce Bailey (Cedar Rapids, IA), 14. Cullen Camasta (Joliet, IL), 15. Jordan Wendt (Stoughton, WI), 16. Jeff Lechnir (Oshkosh, WI), 17. Shelby Berlin (Mequon, WI), 18. Matt Berlin (Mequon, WI),