Casey Johnson, Jerry Wood, and Aaron Moyer Lead the Points

Johnson, Wood, and Moyer Lead the Points at MIS

Here are the updated point standings after the races on July 28th.

The Super Late Models have one more points race on September 8th.  The Pellitteri Waste Systems Legends are in action on August 11th and September 8th while the Club La Mark Midwest Trucks are racing on August 2nd, August 11th, and September 8th.

Super Late Models

Casey Johnson has a 309-265 lead over Nick Murgic with Rich Bickle Jr. in third with 256 points.  Gary Lamonte is fourth place with 242 and Travis Sauter is fifth with 222 despite only running two of the three events.

1. (309)Casey Johnson (Stoughton, WI), 2. (265)Nick Murgic (Rosemount, MN), 3. (256)Rich Bickle (Janesville, WI), 4. (242)Gary LaMonte (West Allis, WI), 5. (222)Travis Sauter (Prairie du Sac, WI), 6. (219)Blake Brown (Franksville, WI), 7. (195)Jeremy Spoonmore (Somonauk, IL), 8. (194)Bobby Kendall (Montello, WI), 9. (185)Steve Rubeck (Monroe Center, IL), 10. (180)Matt Kocourek (Franklin, WI), 11. (176)Landry Potter (Genoa City, WI), 12. (171)Mikie Breiner (Johnsburg, IL), 13. (158)Jeff Way (Honey Creek, WI), 14. (151)Bobby Wilberg (Beloit, WI), 15. (143)Austin Luedtke (Adell, WI), 16. (122)Rick Corso (McHenry, IL), 17. (115)Thor Anderson (Bondurant, IA), 18. (102)Dale Nottestad (Cambridge, WI), 19. (84)Kelsey Bauer (Random Lake, WI), 20. (80)Kevin Eggert (Appleton, WI), 21. (77)Andrew Morrissey (DeForest, WI), 22. (76)Jamie Wallace (Pell Lake, WI), 23. (72)Jeff Storm (East Troy, WI), 24. (67)Brian Campbell (Wyoming, MI), 25. (61)Frank Nitzke (Berlin, WI), 26. (59)Tim Lampman (Oak Creek, WI), 27. (53)Brian Johnson Jr (Rockford, IL), 28. (49)Dan Lensing (Roscoe, IL), 29. (45)Robert Maynor (Hartland, WI), 30. (45)Jim Olson (Harvard, IL), 31. (43)Nathan Matz (Burlington, WI), 32. (15)Jimmy Dragich (Germantown, WI),

Midwest Trucks

Jerry Wood has a 448-418 lead over his brother John with Chad Knaus in third place (381) followed by Natalie Decker (346) and Camden Murphy (283).

Midwest Trucks 7/28/2013

1. (448)Jerry Wood (Madison, WI), 2. (418)John Wood (Sun Prairie, WI), 3. (381)Chad Knaus (Sun Prairie, WI), 4. (346)Natalie Decker (Eagle River, WI), 5. (283)Camden Murphy (Itasca, IL), 6. (271)Andy Jones (Gurnee, IL), 7. (260)Joshua James (Saukville, WI), 8. (166)Jacob Van Wazer (Lombard, IL), 9. (158)Mike Corvo (Park Ridge, IL), 10. (148)Jerry Suderland (Muskego, WI), 11. (118)Chester Ace (Oregon, WI), 12. (105)Chad Wood (Madison, WI), 13. (99)Justin Oertel (Lincolnshire, IL), 14. (93)Dann Barber (Oregon, WI), 15. (91)Bill Collins (South St Paul, MN), 16. (82)Andy Jirik (Lonsdale, MN), 17. (79)Jason Schuler (Cambridge, WI), 18. (73)Scott Kingswan (Madison, WI),

Aaron Moyer holds a ten point (445-435) lead over Cory Talaska with two races remaining on the schedule.  The team of McNamara / Jones is third with 418 points followed by Kevin Griffin (356) and Austin Kunert (320)

Legends 7/28/2013

1. (445)Aaron Moyer (Malone, WI), 2. (435)Cory Talaska (Campbellsport, WI), 3. (418)McNamara / Jones (Gurnee, IL), 4. (356)Kevin Griffin (Green Oaks, IL), 5. (320)Austin Kunert (Batavia, IL), 6. (278)Kyle Vergata (New Berlin, WI), 7. (247)Chris Lishamer (Elgin, IL), 8. (242)Todd Schmitz (Verona, WI), 9. (202)Shelby Berlin (Mequon, WI), 10. (194)Jordan Wendt (Stoughton, WI), 11. (191)Matt Berlin (Mequon, WI), 12. (178)Vince Bartolotta (West Allis, WI), 13. (168)Brian Griffin (Elk Grove, IL), 14. (163)Matt OLeary (Dyer, IN), 15. (154)Johnny Kringas (Homer Glen, IL), 16. (144)Tim Narr (Raymond, WI), 17. (100)Kyle Jusits (Kenosha, WI), 18. (97)Tommy Jones (Gurnee, IL), 19. (82)Bryce Bailey (Cedar Rapids, IA), 20. (71)Cullen Camasta (Joliet, IL), 21. (65)Jeff Lechnir (Oshkosh, WI),