Dave’s White Rock Sportsman

Sportsman: The Sportsman class car is based on a production mid size car, with full frame and V-8 engine. Typically these included 1980’s Chevy Monte Carlos, Pontiac Grand Prix, and Ford Thunderbirds. To keep current we allow bodies of the new retro model cars of Chevy Camaros, Ford Mustangs, and Dodge Challengers. Updates for safety are mandatory, engines must remain V-8 within specific limits, and chassis components are allowed to be refined and tuned for racing purposes. This class follows closely the intent of the Late Model class, while keeping the dollar investment at a lower level to attract drivers looking for an affordable type of racing experience.  The division races on Hoosier S800 tires.

Some of the most exciting racing at Madison is often witnessed in the Sportsman division as the drivers do battle on Wisconsin’s Fastest Half-Mile, one of the biggest ovals these type of cars compete on anywhere in the midwest.  For some drivers this is a stepping stone to the late model division while others are happily content behind the wheel of their Sportsman machine.

The Sportsman class will race thirteen Friday Nights in 2014!