Miller, Hansberry Jr, Jones, and Stark / Lorang Win Championships

Wilberg, Scheel, Moyer and Ace Take Checkered Flags at MIS

Miller, Hansberry Jr, Jones, and Stark / Lorang Win Championships

By John Wells

Oregon, WI- (Friday, August 19, 2011)

Bobby Wilberg (Rockweiler Insulation Late Models), Stephen Scheel (Ho Chunk Gaming Area Sportsman), Aaron Moyer (Pelliterri Waste Systems Legends), and Chester Ace (Roto Rooter Bandits) won feature races tonight as part of Mountain Dew Season Championship Night at Madison International Speedway. But the big winners tonight were the four season champions that were crowned: Jeremy Miller (Rockweiler Insulation Late Models), Robert Hansberry Jr. (Ho Chunk Gaming Area Sportsman), Andy Jones (Pellitteri Waste Systems Legends), and Kyle Stark / Jim Lorang (Roto Rooter Bandits).

It was an emotional night at MIS as long-time employee Bob Schmelzer, who passed away earlier this week, was honored in a pre-race ceremony. Every car that was racing tonight came out on the track for a memorial lap in his honor.

During intermission representatives from The River Food Pantry and Oregon K-9 Unit received checks from last week’s charity event as part of Faster Pastor Night. Over one hundred kids also had the opportunity to ride around the track in a bus compliments of Wayne Ace Bus and Limo Service.

Wilberg Powers His Way to Victory Lane


The top three in points would battle it out on Wisconsin’s Fastest Half-Mile with Bobby Wilberg coming out on top as he won the 50 lap feature for the Rockweiler Insulation Late Models.

Jeremy Miller picked up his third straight track championship in the division and fourth overall at MIS. Miller finished with 960 points followed by Riddle with 918, Wilberg at 896, Dale Nottestad with 813, and Scott Broughton with 757.

Nate Oppliger and Dale Nottestad led the twenty-four car field to the green flag, but it would Ryan Goldade wasting no time to get to the lead by passing the front row going into turn three.

On lap four, Jeremy Miller pulled to the inside of Goldade coming out of turn two to take the lead. Bobby Wilberg would race past Goldade on lap five to take over second with Zack Riddle directly behind in third.

On lap 12 Wilberg would look to the inside of Miller for the lead coming out of turn two but wouldn’t find the room necessary. Miller would successfully work his way around lapped traffic on lap 15 and increased his lead to three car lengths over Wilberg.

A spin on lap 17 brought out the race’s first caution and the first appearance of the cone. Miller and Wilberg would line up for the restart on the inside with Riddle moving to the outside of row one. Miller and Wilberg would vault out front while Riddle was stuck on the outside and dropped to fourth behind Goldade.

Wilberg applied heavy pressure on the leader and would eventually find the room he needed to power by Miller on the inside coming out of turn four on lap 22 to take over the lead. Riddle would retake third as the three built a sizeable lead between themselves and the field.

By lap 30 Wilberg had increased his lead over Miller to five car lengths with Riddle trailing Miller by the same margin. The big questions at this point were would the race stay green and how would the leaders respond to lapped traffic.

The lapped traffic question would need to be answered first. On lap 42 both Wilberg and Miller would be able to work past slower traffic while Riddle lost a couple of car lengths to Miller in his maneuvering through the field.

The race would stay green the rest of the way with Wilberg picking up the win followed by Miller, Riddle, Ty Majeski, and Goldade.

“The last three or four weeks this car has been running really well,” said Wilberg from victory lane.

Zack Riddle was fast qualifier with a trip around Wisconsin’s Fastest Half-Mile in 19.061 (94.434 mph). Don Wickstrum, Shayne Poehnelt, and Rusty Hansen won heat races.

Rockweiler Insulation Late Models

50 Lap Feature:1. Bobby Wilberg (Beloit, WI), 2. Jeremy Miller (Rockton, IL), 3. Zack Riddle (Brooklyn, WI), 4. Ty Majeski (Seymour, WI), 5. Ryan Goldade (Edgerton, WI), 6. Dale Nottestad (Cambridge, WI), 7. Chad Stevens (Orfordville, WI), 8. John Baumeister Jr. (Lake Geneva, WI), 9. Kevin Knuese (Waukesha, WI), 10. Nathan Oppliger (Oregon, WI), 11. Ed Szelagowski Jr (Westfield, WI), 12. Rusty Hansen (Deerfield, WI), 13. Shayne Poehnelt (Sun Prairie, WI), 14. Spencer Gallagher (China Grove, NC), 15. Dave Edwards (Salem, WI), 16. Don Wickstrum (Monroe, WI), 17. Cliff Rucks (Deerfield, WI), 18. Chuck Garetson (Albany, WI), 19. Sean Corr (Goshen, NY), 20. Shane Morrissey (Cuba City, WI), 21. Andy Evraets (Hartland, WI), 22. JD Leonard (Brodhead, WI), 23. Ron Blood (Elkhorn, WI), 24. Dann Barber (Oregon, WI),


Heat 1:1. Don Wickstrum (Monroe, WI), 2. Dave Edwards (Salem, WI), 3. Spencer Gallagher (China Grove, NC), 4. Sean Corr (Goshen, NY), 5. Chuck Garetson (Albany, WI), 6. JD Leonard (Brodhead, WI), 7. Ron Blood (Elkhorn, WI), 8. Dann Barber (Oregon, WI),


Heat 2:1. Shayne Poehnelt (Sun Prairie, WI), 2. John Baumeister Jr. (Lake Geneva, WI), 3. Ryan Goldade (Edgerton, WI), 4. Andy Evraets (Hartland, WI), 5. Bobby Wilberg (Beloit, WI), 6. Jeremy Miller (Rockton, IL), 7. Nathan Oppliger (Oregon, WI), 8. Cliff Rucks (Deerfield, WI),


Heat 3:1. Rusty Hansen (Deerfield, WI), 2. Zack Riddle (Brooklyn, WI), 3. Ty Majeski (Seymour, WI), 4. Ed Szelagowski Jr (Westfield, WI), 5. Dale Nottestad (Cambridge, WI), 6. Kevin Knuese (Waukesha, WI), 7. Chad Stevens (Orfordville, WI), 8. Shane Morrissey (Cuba City, WI),


Qualifying:1. Zack Riddle (Brooklyn, WI), 2. Bobby Wilberg (Beloit, WI), 3. Ty Majeski (Seymour, WI), 4. Jeremy Miller (Rockton, IL), 5. Kevin Knuese (Waukesha, WI), 6. Ryan Goldade (Edgerton, WI), 7. Dale Nottestad (Cambridge, WI), 8. Nathan Oppliger (Oregon, WI), 9. Chad Stevens (Orfordville, WI), 10. John Baumeister Jr. (Lake Geneva, WI), 11. Ed Szelagowski Jr (Westfield, WI), 12. Andy Evraets (Hartland, WI), 13. Shane Morrissey (Cuba City, WI), 14. Cliff Rucks (Deerfield, WI), 15. Rusty Hansen (Deerfield, WI), 16. Shayne Poehnelt (Sun Prairie, WI), 17. Don Wickstrum (Monroe, WI), 18. Chuck Garetson (Albany, WI), 19. Dave Edwards (Salem, WI), 20. Spencer Gallagher (China Grove, NC), 21. JD Leonard (Brodhead, WI), 22. Sean Corr (Goshen, NY), 23. Dann Barber (Oregon, WI), 24. Ron Blood (Elkhorn, WI),

Stephen Scheel Tops the Field in Area Sportsman

Stephen Scheel won the 20 lap feature for the Area Sportsman, but it was Robert Hansberry Jr. who picked up his first-ever track championship at MIS as a result of his second place finish in the feature. Hansberry Jr. finished with 974 points, Scheel at 906, and Shaun Scheel with 818. TJ Goldade and Greg Baxter would round out the top five in the point standings.

Mike Taylor and TJ Goldade brought the field of thirteen Ho Chunk Gaming Area Sportsman to the green flag for their feature. Taylor took the lead after a lap followed closely by the Shaun and Stephen Scheel.

Taylor would continue to run out front and extend his lead before seeing it evaporate on lap five when he lost power coming down the front stretch. Stephen Scheel would take over the lead followed by Shaun Scheel and Robert Hansberry Jr. just before the caution flag came out.

Scheel would lead following the restart with Hansberry Jr. close behind. On lap 6 Hansberry Jr. would try to get by Scheel on the outside for the lead but would come up just short. On lap 9 Hansberry Jr. would again look to the outside going into turn one but the result would be the same as Scheel would fight him off to maintain his lead.

Scheel and Hansberry Jr. had built a twelve car length lead over the field and it appeared to be a two car race the rest of the way until a spinning car brought out the caution on lap 15.

The side by side restart found Hansberry Jr. again working on the outside of Scheel as the two raced side by side with Scheel holding a slight advantage on the inside. Just when it looked like Scheel had some breathing room, Hansberry Jr. kept fighting back. But this night belonged to Stephen Scheel who picked up the win followed by Hansberry Jr. Rounding out the top five were Shaun Scheel, Austin Nason, and TJ Goldade.

“I was nervous the whole time with the 95 car behind me. I just wanted to run my groove and stay out of his,” said Scheel from victory lane whose El Camino was sporting a new motor.

A lap of 20.720 (86.873 mph) gave Brad Luck fast time in qualifying. Heat race wins went to Mike Taylor and TJ Goldade. To honor the late Bob Schmelzer, Goldade had taped the last pit wrist band he received from him on top of his car.


Ho Chunk Gaming Area Sportsman

20 Lap Feature:1. Stephen Scheel (Lake Mills, WI), 2. Robert Hansberry Jr. (Beloit, WI), 3. Shaun Scheel (Lake Mills, WI), 4. Austin Nason (Roscoe, IL), 5. TJ Goldade (Stoughton, WI), 6. Chester Ace (Oregon, WI), 7. Russ Nicholson (Stoughton, WI), 8. Rodger Stephenson (Cambridge, WI), 9. Pat Richgels (Evansville, WI), 10. Brad Luck (Sauk City, WI), 11. Brandon Skolaski (Fitchburg, WI), 12. Mike Taylor (Stoughton, WI), 13. Greg Baxter (Brodhead, WI),

Heat 1:1. Mike Taylor (Stoughton, WI), 2. Chester Ace (Oregon, WI), 3. Russ Nicholson (Stoughton, WI), 4. Rodger Stephenson (Cambridge, WI), 5. Brandon Skolaski (Fitchburg, WI), 6. Pat Richgels (Evansville, WI),

Heat 2:1. TJ Goldade (Stoughton, WI), 2. Shaun Scheel (Lake Mills, WI), 3. Austin Nason (Roscoe, IL), 4. Robert Hansberry Jr. (Beloit, WI), 5. Stephen Scheel (Lake Mills, WI), 6. Brad Luck (Sauk City, WI), 7. Greg Baxter (Brodhead, WI),

Qualifying:1. Brad Luck (Sauk City, WI), 2. Robert Hansberry Jr. (Beloit, WI), 3. Austin Nason (Roscoe, IL), 4. Stephen Scheel (Lake Mills, WI), 5. Greg Baxter (Brodhead, WI), 6. Shaun Scheel (Lake Mills, WI), 7. TJ Goldade (Stoughton, WI), 8. Mike Taylor (Stoughton, WI), 9. Chester Ace (Oregon, WI), 10. Russ Nicholson (Stoughton, WI), 11. Brandon Skolaski (Fitchburg, WI), 12. Rodger Stephenson (Cambridge, WI), 13. Pat Richgels (Evansville, WI),

Aaron Moyer Edges Andy Jones in Classic Legends Finish

Aaron Moyer and Andy Jones put on a very entertaining battle out front with Moyer picking up the win in another thriller in the Pellitteri Waste Systems Legends.

Andy Jones was crowned the 2011 track champion with Cory Talaska finishing second and Vince Bartolotta in third.

Garett Goodwin and Bartolotta paced the field of eighteen Pellitteri Waste Systems Legends to the green flag. Goodwin would find the early advantage with Aaron Moyer quickly up to second followed by Kevin Griffin and Cory Talaska. A spin on lap 3 involving Griffin and Talaska would bring out the first caution flag.

Moyer would build up a four car length lead over Goodwin after the restart with Andy Jones taking over second on lap 5. A spin on lap 7 would bring out the race’s second yellow flag.

Moyer would continue to lead following the restart with Jones right on his bumper. On lap 21 Jones would take the lead before Moyer regained it one lap later. Moyer and Jones would work their way in and around lapped traffic as the race stayed green the rest of the way with Moyer holding on for the win. Rounding out the top five were Goodwin, Vince Bartolotta, and Anthony Metallo.

“I think Andy might have been a little faster than me, but things just worked out well for me tonight,” said Moyer who began the racing season in North Carolina and at eighteen is the oldest feature winner this season in the Legends at MIS.

Andy Jones set fast time for the Legends with a lap of 13.986. Heat winners were Kyle Jusits and Andy Jones while Kevin Griffin won the second annual Legends of the Legends race.


Pellitteri Waste Systems Legends

20 Lap Feature:1. Aaron Moyer (Malone, WI), 2. Andy Jones (Gurnee, IL), 3. Garett Goodwin (Three Oaks, MI), 4. Vince Bartolotta (West Allis, WI), 5. Anthony Metallo (South Elgin, IL), 6. Cory Talaska (Campbellsport, WI), 7. Brandon Heisler (Aurora, IL), 8. Kyle Jusits (Kenosha, WI), 9. Chris Lishamer (Elgin, IL), 10. Tony Moyer (Malone, WI), 11. Kevin Griffin (Green Oaks, IL), 12. Tim Narr (Raymond, WI), 13. Kyle Vergata (New Berlin, WI), 14. Steve Narr (Slinger, WI), 15. Jordan Wendt (Stoughton, WI), 16. Jeff Lechnir (Oshkosh, WI), 17. Tommy Jones (Gurnee, IL), 18. Todd Schmitz (Verona, WI),


Heat 1:1. Kyle Jusits (Kenosha, WI), 2. Brandon Heisler (Aurora, IL), 3. Chris Lishamer (Elgin, IL), 4. Kyle Vergata (New Berlin, WI), 5. Jordan Wendt (Stoughton, WI), 6. Garett Goodwin (Three Oaks, MI),

Heat 2:1. Andy Jones (Gurnee, IL), 2. Aaron Moyer (Malone, WI), 3. Cory Talaska (Campbellsport, WI), 4. Anthony Metallo (South Elgin, IL),

Legends of the Legends Race: 1. Kevin Griffin (Green Oaks, IL), 2. Tim Narr (Raymond, WI), 3. Tony Moyer (Malone, WI), 4. Steve Narr (Slinger, WI), 5. Tom Jones (Gurnee, IL), 6. Todd Schmitz (Verona, WI), 7. Vince Bartolotta (West Allis, WI),

Qualifying:1. Andy Jones (Gurnee, IL), 2. Cory Talaska (Campbellsport, WI), 3. Aaron Moyer (Malone, WI), 4. Tommy Jones (Gurnee, IL), 5. Anthony Metallo (South Elgin, IL), 6. Kevin Griffin (Green Oaks, IL), 7. Vince Bartolotta (West Allis, WI), 8. Garett Goodwin (Three Oaks, MI), 9. Chris Lishamer (Elgin, IL), 10. Brandon Heisler (Aurora, IL), 11. Tony Moyer (Malone, WI), 12. Steve Narr (Slinger, WI), 13. Kyle Jusits (Kenosha, WI), 14. Tim Narr (Raymond, WI), 15. Todd Schmitz (Verona, WI), 16. Kyle Vergata (New Berlin, WI), 17. Jordan Wendt (Stoughton, WI), 18. Jeff Lechnir (Oshkosh, WI), 19. Tom Jones (Gurnee, IL)- DNS



Chester Ace Sweeps Away the Bandits

Chester Ace returned to victory lane in the 20 lap feature for the Roto Rooter Bandits while holding off the field to earn his third feature win of the season.

The team of Kyle Stark and Jim Lorang won the 2011 track championship while Ace finished second and Lee Haag third.

Joey Solem and Jason Coker led the eleven car field to the green flag in the 20 lap feature for the Roto Rooter Bandits. Coker would take the early lead with Lee Haag and Chester Ace up to second and third.

By lap 3 Ace had worked himself to the outside of Coker and took the lead coming out of turn four on lap 4. Kyle Stark would move to second on lap 6 while Coker and Haag fought it out for third.

Ace’s advantage over the field would be negated on lap 10 when the caution flag came out for debris on the famed “Ring of Fire.”

The single file restart would find Ace jumping out to a multi-car lead once again only to see it evaporate when a spinning car on lap 15 brought out another caution and a near head-on collision with Ace.

It would be the same scenario on the restart with Ace retaining his advantage over Stark. Jim Lorang would win the battle between himself and Jon Coker for third place, but nobody would be able to touch Ace tonight as he cruised to victory lane. Stark would finish second followed by the team car of Lorang, Jon Coker, and Jason Coker.

Setting fast time for the Bandits was Chester Ace with a lap of 15.096. Jason Coker and Ace won heat races.

“We wanted the season to end on a positive note. This one’s for Bob Schmelzer,” said Ace from victory lane.


Roto Rooter Bandits 8/19/2011

20 Lap Feature:1. Chester Ace (Oregon, WI), 2. Kyle Stark (Waterloo, WI), 3. Lorang Stark (Waterloo, WI), 4. Jonathon Coker (Oregon, WI), 5. Jason Coker (Oregon, WI), 6. Lee Haag (Belleville, WI), 7. Dan Snyder (Stoughton, WI), 8. Joey Solem (Deerfield, WI), 9. Jim Younger (Oregon, WI), 10. Jasmine Runaas (Albany, WI), 11. Dave Wickstrum (Brodhead, WI),

Heat 1:1. Jason Coker (Oregon, WI), 2. Joey Solem (Deerfield, WI), 3. Jim Younger (Oregon, WI), 4. Jasmine Runaas (Albany, WI), 5. Dave Wickstrum (Brodhead, WI)

,Heat 2:1. Chester Ace (Oregon, WI), 2. Kyle Stark (Waterloo, WI), 3. Lorang Stark (Waterloo, WI), 4. Dan Snyder (Stoughton, WI), 5. Jonathon Coker (Oregon, WI), 6. Lee Haag (Belleville, WI),

Qualifying:1. Chester Ace (Oregon, WI), 2. Kyle Stark (Waterloo, WI), 3. Lorang Stark (Waterloo, WI), 4. Jonathon Coker (Oregon, WI), 5. Dan Snyder (Stoughton, WI), 6. Lee Haag (Belleville, WI), 7. Jason Coker (Oregon, WI), 8. Joey Solem (Deerfield, WI), 9. Jasmine Runaas (Albany, WI), 10. Jim Younger (Oregon, WI), 11. Dave Wickstrum (Brodhead, WI),

Racing continues next Friday night when the ARCA Racing Series comes to MIS for the Herr’s Live Life With Flavor 200. Practice begins at 2:00 with qualifying at 5:30, an autograph session at 7:00 and the race set to begin at 8:30. Advanced tickets are $20.00 and are available at the track office or by calling the speedway at 608.835.9700.Two major tractor / truck pulling events will be at MIS on September 16th and 17th before the season comes to an end for the fifth annual MIS Fall Classic on September 23rd and 24th.

Madison International Speedway is located on Sunrise Road just south of Highway 138 two miles east of Oregon. For more information fans may call the track office at 608.835.9700 or checkout the track’s website at